Sunday, 13 March 2016

Lazing in Lund – Sweden

I am like a cranky old car that takes a while and a push to start the engine. Not long after starting the travel again from England I find myself slacking away in Lund only after the first town, Copenhagen.

I took a risk and decided to *tapau* two joint’s from Christiana for Dan and May thinking that if there were smokers they would have greatly appreciate the effort. Thou I had no idea if they were or even if they would be offended at the gesture. I took a gamble anyway and risk capture and smuggle it into Sweden.
Train ride was a simple one only an hour long. Bought the ticket from the train station (Danish Crown Kr 109) and I was on my way to Lund and did not even see a conductor let alone a security check plus dog. Then again I was pretty confident I could fool the dog since the joint was bought already in air tight plastic tubes and I double the effort in placing in inside my only air tight container plus packed it dead smack middle of the backpack. Excitement without an event is much safer I guess.

Like any new country … first establish your shelter …. Food …. And finally source of money …..
So when I finally reach Lund there was the question of Money. Previously I had changed all my Dannish Crown to Swedish Krona in the Copenhagen train station for I found a nice money changer with good rates and no exchange fee. Still it was not going to be enough. Should I use the sterling pound and change locally or should I withdraw from the bank? In the end I decided to draw a mere sum of 2000 kr which was about SGD 380. I figured the pound would be usefull for those short days I will be in some eastern Europe country.

Lund was a nice university town and very boring. Plus the time I was there the weather was pouring rain and windy cold. I ended up walking no more than 3 hours around the whole town in the whole 3 days that I was there.
The good side was the hostel was a new one at Windstrupp Hostel. Expensive but at least they give you your money worth. Lovely kitchen plus good wifi and barely any people around made me decided to set camp again and really do nothing for the tree days before taking the train to Stockholm to see Dan and May.

If there was one thing I miss when I was in Copenhagen – Denmark despite all the joyful entertainment was the fact that now in Sweden I could download via Torrent. Denmark apparently blocked all source of download …. And Sweden had great download speed for pirating. 3 days I slacked cooking and just munching on TV series ….
The road is just another home.
Lund - Sweden

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