Sunday, 6 March 2016

The Unexpected Chance Upon a Friend ….. & Christiana - Copenhagen

The unexpected happened in Copenhagen. Christ (an American) the guy I met on my first RTW trip nearly 3 years back when I was in Korea in a hostel was in Copenhagen. I thought he was still in China working. I always forgot it has been 3 years since the first trip. It feels like yesterday when you meet up people but at the same time like a decade ago when you try to recall memory.

Christ saw my check in on Facebook for Copenhagen and he immediately message me. Sure why not meet up and have a chat. Now if I had not met Christ, even thou I had decided to go walking around Christhaven I would never have found Christiana.
What do you wanna do Christ asked me? Since I have walk almost everywhere in downtown Copenhagen I was planning to take a walk to Christhaven. The guide map says it a cosy place to visit with interesting shops. Christ gave me a chuckle and said ok and me not knowing then did not see the signs and hints of his facial expression.
He brought me straight to Christiana in Christhaven. First thing I notice was the no photograph sign which I pointed out and Christ just replied Yeah. Wait I smell weed and looking closely everyone was smoking and some were even selling. Christ was looking at me, observing wondering how I would react to it.
I just need to get some cookies and we can take a walk the other side he said. I thought he meant a snack no a loaded cookie. Going to the cookie booth I finally understood it was a special cookie when I saw the plants and joints selling alongside them. The sellers had a black netting screen in front to obscure the face of the seller and even then the seller was fully clothed with ski mask and gloved.
Now the chuckle, smile, snicker, No Photograph …. The lovely vibe, chillax pace, greenery makes so much sense. 
Get me a joint I told Christ and I’ll pay for all these, cookies and everything … my treat I said.
He was shocked when I said that …
I didn’t know how you would react to this so I was just keeping quiet and wondering he said.
Yep I smoke …. Every chance I get I told him … just not at home where it’s a death sentence.
So it was a nice day smoking around Christiana in Copenhagen, got so stoned I was not thinking very well. I forgot that it hits you with a time delay so I had one puff too many. Good music, good smoke, good food and we talk crap all the while or rather Christ kept up the conversation going and I tried to focus and chip in here and there before my head clears.

By the time we parted it was midnight …. It was an unexpected meet up in a beautiful place.

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