Thursday, 16 June 2016

Belgrade - Serbia

I left Budapest for Serbia Belgrade. It was decided and I was determine to bulldoze my way through Serbia although the visa issue still worries me. Got there in one piece and boy was Belgrade ugly. All this was relative of course since I came down the Krakow – Budapest journey. Ugly as it is I kind of liked it. It was rich in history if not culture and the people seam friendly enough and if that’s not a clincher it was way cheaper too.
Train Station Outskirt of Belgrade - Serbia
I now learned that this part of Europe is called the Balkans countries making up of Masedonia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Solvenia, and Croatia and maybe a few more that had yet to register onto my mind map. Like the Baltics I guess Europe is more than just eastern and western Europe. They have subcategories of them and in a way the countries within the categories share similarities.

Typical buildings in Belgrade
In a way a touch and go in Serbia was a good thing. I got a nice early feel of the Balkan and will most probably do this section way more justice in future. In a way the first touch is to get a feel and the second one to fully experience and absorbed everything.

Other than the walking tour I did nothing much besides walking around town and of course visit a Casino. I have continuously visited casino since I departed Sweden where they had none …. And it seems that I will meet one in every city that I go to in Europe. Ah the dilemma …. Frankly if not for the big win in Tallinn I would be dangerously running through my budget right now.
The count is

Talinn Up
Riga Down
Vilnius Down
Warsaw Up
Krakow Up
Budapest Down
Belgrade Down

Wat could I say I am an addict.
Belgrade Castle
Belgrade had also a very nice castle in the middle of old town and it was filled with high class tourist attraction. Apparently although not so famous yet till Asia it was still a good tourist spot for European since it was so cheap. Party town as well as far as I could see and monumental wise they had a few building and statue to perk up the place.

Nikola Tesla was from Serbia …. I now knew …. The things we learn during travels that sears into your brain forever.
River View from top of Belgrade Castle - Running through the Balkans

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