Sunday, 10 July 2016

A Night in Sofia – Bulgaria

Thinking about it I have been quite monotonous in travelling these last few weeks. Skip a town go to the next one and join the walking tour and hit the casino before skipping to the next town again. Sofia was just that one but with a little bit more weird spice.

Modern City of Sofia
During the walking tour I met a semi-Malaysian named Prakash. A 44 year old chap, that for a long time now his family has migrated to Australia and he was on an impulse vacation trip to Macedonia with his friends before splitting up and continuing travels around the Balkans country. Prakash was a one of a kind character and if one do not have sufficient tolerance he would seem obnoxious and even sexism even.
An Old Church Within the Modern Buildings - Sofia 

He kept talking about how beautiful the girls are in the Balkans country and how many he had ‘tasted’ and that he was on a journey to discover all the beautiful women in the world. At the age of 44 and single not married he was the typical bachelor playboy with money.

Bulgarian Food - Some sort of Chicken Stew
He almost tagged along with me to Plovdiv which he decided not to in the end thankfully, and all this just because he heard that Plovdiv woman was pretty. The walking tour ended with a few of us looking for places to eat and the pretty guide that was with us brought us to a very local dining place hidden somewhereff in Sofia. Alex, Prakash, Yohan, Aziz and me went for that dinner and the topics went crazy in a sense.

Heading back I told Prakash that I will be going on the Rila monastery tour the next day and he was welcome to join if he want. Passed him the map of my hostel and that was the end.

Back in the hostel not long later I got a Facebook message from Prakash saying he would be joining. I woke up the next day almost late but made it to join the tour to the Rila Monastery

For 20 euro it was a 2 hour drive to the monastery and I would not call it spectacular but a nice break from the usual routine of walking tour in the city. The monastery was beautiful in a sense but nothing awe inspiring.

The next day I disappear from Sofia heading the advice of many travellers along the way to skip or spend as little time as possible in Sofia and visit the true Bulgaria. Onwards to Plovdiv it was a two hour bus ride for as little as 14 lav.
Rila Monastery - Sofia

Rila Monastery - Sofia
Plovdiv …… which is where I am right now when I recorded this, I think will be my demise.

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