Friday, 15 July 2016

Clubbing in Plovdiv and Cooking up a storm

It was the start of the wormhole in The Crib Hostel Plovdiv. It was supposed to be a slow day, got groceries in the morning which we were to cook lunch with it but ended up cooking dinner with it. I ended up cooking dinner with some help from Greyson. Stir fry vegetarian pasta. It went well I think and everything was finish before I even got a taste of it. After dinner the living room became a wormhole of discussion of life and memories

I think that was the beginning but then again it was always interesting around this hostel in Plovdiv. After dinner we thought it would be a quiet home drinking but young 22 year old Yebba wanted to party. She got dress in this sexy dominitrix outfit and soon almost all of us was dressed up and out the door by 1am.

Crazy night started then. Pub which was more or less empty became our dance floor. A good mix ratio of guys to girls and Yerg manage to picked up two local hot Bulgarian girls. The girls of course suggested somewhere else and we all followed the big bunch of us. A nightclub just outskirts of the city centre with a pool in the middle and dominitrix dancer on a floating platform.
(Imagine me Rolling my Eyes with a big forehead Sweat --- this scene looks too much like a typical American teenage road trip in Europe)

Yebba wanted spotlight kept going on stage to dance with the girls only to be kick out of the nightclub sooner than we expected. No one even knew she was kicked out. She just went missing and we just kept doing our shit. Me drinking whiskey, Ecila and Yerg with the sexual tension rising started kissing, and Pigae in a deep dark conversation with the French guys. Mit having a time of his life (He was American and it was exactly how he imagine it to be! … Insert Smack forehead emoticon please.) and Adna (Mit GF) with her worried face while Hal-El was wasted and going full Israeli on me for not dancing and going crazy in the night club. (if you don’t conform you are out apparently). Plus Etan somewhere between Ecila and Yerg I think.

The night ended with Etan excusing himself, Yerg and Ecila ditching us and I leading the rest of the pack back to the hostel walking. One f*cking crazy night where I was the touch stone safe person to ensure everyone was ok. We all got back about 5am in the morning … woke up grogy and everyone extended one more night in the Crib Hostel. This hostel was sucking us in big time.
How many days has it been in Plovdiv …. I think it was the third day if memory serves right and a whole new bunch of guys checked in the hostel. Big humongous conversation shooting everywhere in the common room and I cooked dinner again that night for 13 person.

Maggie Goreng Edwin special …. I had no idea what I was really doing improvising most of the time and guessing the amount of mixture for mass cooking 13 people. Luckily it was not the only dish and Yebba this time was my partner in crime. She was cooking up some Mexican shit but ended up tasting something else but we all agree it was tasty and ate the like goblins out of it.
Some comments I got while cooking ….

Is that instant Noodle ??
You can fry instant Noodle ??
Wait you stir frying the instant noodle powder as well ??? Dafaq ??

How can you stir fry everything!!!!
(I Stir fry everything that night to mixed it into the Instant noodle)

That’s Dinner ??

The Verdict …. I had no idea how it tasted for it finished before I could even finish washing up and got a plate.

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