Sunday, 20 July 2014

Utilizing the Greyhound Bus Pass

Out of Vegas Finally. Took the bus on the last day validity of the greyhoud pass which was on 1st March 2012 and arrived in San Francisco in the morning 7 am of 2 March 2012. Fully Utilized that pass I guess. Overall there was 10 trips that I made on that greyhound bus.

Washington dc
New Orleans
Las Vegas
San Francisco

It was a bus journey through USA. I did but a single ticket from New York to Washington D.C and that was the first bus journey. Ironically the last one from San Francisco is going to be greyhound too. I was almost stuck in Vegas due to greyhound famous overbooking and mishaps schedule. Lucky enough I manage to board and some poor people was left behind.

Frankly on the last day I could not wait o get away from Vegas. I knew the longer I stayed there the more money I would gamble and loose. That’s why I lost another $200 while waiting for the bus to depart. Vegas gave me a whole new perspective on problem gambling. Well somehow I made it out of Vegas alive. Total Casualties was $1700 in Vegas $700 in New Orleans and up $300 in Buffalo. Hence I loss $ 2100 in the USA gambling.

Best part … since it was the last day to use the greyhound bus I took an overnight bus to San Francisco … so as long as you get the ticket checked before 1159pm … you can abuse the bus pass for one extra day J