Sunday, 7 January 2018

7 Day Road Trip Malaysia – Kota Bahru To Gua Musang and a Traffic Offence Ticket

The drive from Kota Bahru to Gua Musang brings me through one of the few roads I have never travelled in Peninsular Malaysia, highway number 8 – Central Spine Road …

Along the Central Spine Road - Nasi Kerabu Stall Everywhere
So a drive down the central spine road of Malaysia and traffic was heavy surprisingly yet enjoyably boring of sorts. Nearby Kuala Prai and I was in a tail line behind this very very slow truck that hogs all the way up front. 

Central Spine Road - Malaysia

Cant See Sh*t tailing a Lorry behind .... - Central Spine Road Malaysia
Cars after cars slowly overtake the truck but I notice every time they do the opposite flash lights came up. My mind dismissed it as danger warning flashes as the cars overtaking were quite dangerous. A few more cars overtake and again the flashes and my dismissal. Finally only one car in front of me and the truck ….

I saw the road opened up but it was kinda like a turning opening not a double lane yet in country road no people takes turning or rarely one does to an even more secluded road … car in front gave the signal and begin overtaking and I tail behind …. Immediately after overtaking the slow ass truck I regretted my decision. A police road block ahead and all of us was flagged to the kerb of the road. 

Did you know you overtake on a double line ??? 

I could only scratch my forehead …my blemish look and surrendered my driving licence. Nothing else was said and I was issued a ticket for dangerous overtaking …. Carry on the police said after returning my licence plus a ticket, focusing on catching more drivers 


So the drive to Gua Musang was boring as hell with a ticket behind my mind all the time. I reached Gua Musang at 130pm … was ahead of schedule since there was no detours this time and checked into the Airbnb home stay. After check in it was off for a town drive to explore. Driving around the new town of Gua Musang I saw the JPJ (Road Transport Authority) office and decided to stop and get the ticket offence over and done with. 

Police Station - Gua Musang
Wrong department the guy said … Balai Polis behind and next road he said. A short turn and into the police station where everyone was so friendly. RM 150 Fine and I paid it with heavy heart. Thought that RM 150 should earn me some information I proceeded to ask about the actual caves in Gua Musang .

Behind the old railway station the officer said and you need to hike a bit and there is no trail and it takes hour and hour or so. Malaysia need to promote eco-tourism better and not just all the shopping shit I feel. First Ipoh and now this. Sadness in my heart for my country.

Old Railway Station of Gua Musang

Gua Musang -  I have no idea where the actual track is to visit the caves
Travelled on: Dec 2016