Saturday, 21 October 2017

7 Day Road Trip Malaysia – A Night in IPOH

Reached Ipoh at 7pm on the first day. Felt that I packed too much driving in one day but it was all worth it to meet up with Andrew whom I have not seen in ages. Andrew was my hang out kaki during the days in Genting Highlands working as a croupier in the Casino. The other bonus point was of course a proper fully modern equip capsule hotel for RM 50 a night. Accommodation can really be expensive in Malaysia when in the outskirts. 

Container Hotel - Capsule Pod in Inpoh
 Thinking when I was back in South America and always walking into hotels and hotels to negotiate a better price, Malaysia was different … the reception told me to book online instead for it is cheaper … so I had to borrowed wifi from them to book their place for the night … oh well 

Andrew looked the same but he is a successful man now. 10 years and I was happy to see him change so much, so confident compared to when I first saw him in Genting Highlands. He now has a life plan, a goal, and a strong minded opinion. In fact he almost started giving me live lesson advice, since; as from his perspective I was a string less kite flying around wandering a kid that refuse to grow up. 

Andrew & Me - Drinking in Ipoh
“You have to eventually think of the future once you finished all your travels”, he said

I dun blame him I guess, 10 years on and I am still nowhere where he had a thing going in life perfectly. I only laugh as he tried, ….

“I remember when it was I giving you this talk about planning your life, back then in Genting there was no focus for you but look at you now, trying to give me the same talk ….. hahahaha”

Food was local Ipoh food and then we went to his pub for a drink before he sent me back. Have to say I am proud I gave him that talk so many years ago.           

Paradigm Pub - Ipoh

Biker Ambiance - Paradigm Pub

Saturday, 14 October 2017

7 Day Road Trip Malaysia – Towards Teluk Intan

So my journey continue from Sekinchan to Teluk Intan. It was going to be a quick drive by for I had to get to Ipoh on the first day. At the start of my journey departing Sekinchan i got a message on Facebook from an old casino buddy Andrew and we arrange on a meet up that day in Ipoh. It’s been more than 10 years since I met him so I would have to reach Ipoh on the first day, meaning lots of driving and lots of quick detours. 

Side Road Parking - Malaysian Style
Along the way I took this photo in a offshoot road even more remote the the remote road on the map which shows how ingenious Malaysian really is. How do you park a car in the middle of nowhere without hindering others? Takes some guts and skills to place a car in this manner and still get it out when you want to. 

Stop for Chendol ??? Surprisingly I see chendol hut signs everywhere in Malaysia in the most rural places I was driving. 

Chendol - Malaysian Desert
The highlight of Teluk Intan = The Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan …. 

Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan - Malaysia
I bet most people never knew even Malaysia had its own leaning tower. It’s quite a sight too and stands out of place with all the rest of the building. 

My 1st Drive by Video of Teluk Intan Town … If I were to do a minivan tour journey of Peninsular Malaysia, the Teluk Intan Tower is a must stop.

Travelled on : Nov 2016

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

7 Day Road Trip Malaysia – Sekinchan

Small village Sekinchan, although I have heard about it before being mention now and then by KL folks that this was a daytrip or weekend getaway for the city folks I have never really knew about this place. Last minute search on google showed some amazing photos that was just too good to skip by. One thing for sure, backpackers won’t find their way here that easily with the lack of public transport. 
Rice Paddy Fields of Sekinchan

Paddy Fields of Sekinchan

Lush green paddy fields with roads in-between that cars can easily get up close, it was impossible not to stop and explore. Nearing the town notice the change in scenery, roads with bushes at sidewalk now become roads with greens to the horizon swaying gently to the wind. 

Map wise there was not much but seeing a slip road I drove off the main road and was now driving within the maze of rice paddy fields. A big container in red caught my eye which said 

“Farm Villa CafĂ© & Homestay” 

Farm Stay in Sekinchan
Menu for Lunch
*note* this is going to sound like I am promoting them but really … I am just documenting my experience. 

I stopped there for lunch taking the “Nasi lemak special” and of coz cheated and googled wikitravel sekinchan to check out the place. It felt like there was so much more to sekinchan than just the rice paddy fields and I was glad I did decide to get a quick info scouring. 

Classy with Air-conditioning Farmstay for the City Folk
A day trip they say for the city folk but it was a good place to unwind. I was so tempted to spend the night here, just chill and take it slow enjoying the quietness with such closeness to Kuala Lumpur. (it’s only a 2 hours’ drive leisurely). So naturally I check out the price of the farm stay which was made out of shipping containers …. Hmmph …. Cheapest room was RM 98 …. Moving on … moving on …. 

Driving around Sekinchan, I made my way to the rice processing factory (Kilang Beras Sekinchan) which is also a museum for more information of rice farming but alas it was not free, there was a fee for the entry and I now feel Sekinchan has truly become an eco-tourism destination …. It was no longer a hidden destination, but a semi cheap-expensive getaway. 

Sekinchan Rice Factory

Sekinchan Rice Factory
Lots of people renting cycles and cycling under the hot sun. Couples with the cutesy 4 wheel bicycle … I thought the 4 wheel bicycle was brilliant, you get to chat with your partner while exploring instead of one behind slacking while the dummy in front paddle like crazy.  
Bicycling to See Sekinchan is a Thing ...

Cutesy Couple Bicycle to Tour Sekinchan
One house had a sign saying Ah Ma House (Grandma House), with a windmill outside. It was just calling for a stop and peekaboo and what I found was a hand made love letter biscuit factory. The staff was cooking it as I walked in and it was really old school. It’s one of those stories how Dad will tell me they have to do it near Chinese new year flipping one love letter for 1 cents or such so they can sell it later at school. I bought one tin of love letters … it was just nostalgic
Ah Ma House - Sekinchan

Cooking Love Letters - Ah Ma House Sekinchan

Folding Love Letters when its Hot - Ah Ma House - Sekinchan
Then I headed to the fisherman village (I knew where it was coz of wikitravel quick research) and was a place lost in time where one never thought that Malaysia still has fisherman around. Hardship and honest work, I could see the desire to live a better life if they had a chance but now they could only be contended with the passing by tourist.
Entrance to Fisherman Village - Sekinchan

Malaysian Fishing Boats - Sekinchan

Rivermouth of Sekinchan
Wishing Tree of Sekinchan
With the popularity Sekinchan seem to be attracting it’s like more of an annoyance to them since they do not benefit from it. Only those slightly well off sets up restaurant and make a business while the fisherman can only watch as they miss out the opportunity as they don’t have the resources to built a niche homestay or restaurant to capture the tourist money. 

Last stop was the beach in Sekinchan, yep … this small town of Sekinchan has lots to see for a mini holiday with the white sandy beach and an old temple with tree decorated with wishing charms of red. 

Sekinchan Beach
Onwards to Teluk Intan

Travelled on : Nov 2016

Saturday, 16 September 2017

7 Day Road Trip Malaysia – The Road to Sekinchan

I realized as I write the blog about touring Malaysia, my post entry will be heading towards a new style … more pictures, less stories or rather the story is incomplete without the picture of very very mundane lifestyle of the people. There is finesse in simplicity and tranquillity in the normality

Kapar, a small town of one street but surprisingly busy with lots of vehicles. 

Kapar Main Street
Nasi Lemak Tepi Sungai – Along the way I see some signboards that are just nostalgic or sentimental ... this one was just plain simple ... a stall by the river ... thou the river is nowhere in sight 
Nasi Lemak Stall
The old bus stop still stands ….  this bus stop is like a historical piece to us city folk I think. Yet some things still function and survive time .... old stuff were really built differently
Old Bus Stop
And the roads has no traffic …..:)

Detour off the main road ( the main road is already a small road ) and this is what I found … a beautiful mosque with a school next to it where the signpost is not even in malay but in Jawi. 
Mosque Somewhere Near Kapar

Signboard in Jawi
Follow the brown signboard – brown = tour spot …. Now in Malaysia when driving, if you see a brown signboard like so below, its suppose to be a place, attraction or landmark of sorts. Safe to say it will be the reason for most of my detour  

Brown Signboard - Pantai Remis
Off to the beach …. One happy family 
Family Outing to Pantai Remis

Pantai Remis …. 

Pantai Remis
Next Stop – Sekinchan

10 km to Sekinchan

 Travelled on: Nov 2016

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

7 Days Road Trip Malaysia – Apalah Itinerary

I am going to backtrack a bit from the blog and write up an Itinerary of my 1 week road trip around Peninsular Malaysia. This is cause after sharing on Facebook of “The Departure” post I got a comment from a friend, an upset that she could not see the itinerary before I started story telling. I know that my post are so slow some people can’t wait to see the whole picture so ….

The exact comment was – "I was hoping to see the full itinerary! Apalah …. "

Should I even call it an itinerary?? I did not really plan it and was always looking at google map thinking which route I should take or where should be the next stop to spend the night. Anyways we can call it an itinerary or summary of the places I went and a short description of things to see/do

Solitary Peace On the Road
 In Running Order

1. Kapar – One Road Town – Drive By

2. Pantai Remis – Beach only seen by the locals

3. Sekinchan – Paddy Fields, Fishing Village, Fishing Boats, Seafood, Temple, Wishing Tree, Beach

4. Sabak – Drive By

5. Teluk Intan – Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan ( we have a leaning tower too in Malaysia haha )

6. Ipoh – Lots of stuff in this heritage town (Pit Stop)

7. Chemor – Drive By

8. Sungai Siput – Drive By

9. Kuala Kangsar – The Oldest Rubber Tree in Malaysia

10. Taiping – Lovely Lake with Overhanging Trees (Pit Stop)

11. Kuala Sepetang – Fire Flies, Mangroves, Fishing Village

12. Sauk – Small Chinese Village with amazing fresh water fish food

13. Chenderoh Hyroelectric Power Plant – I tried … drove the tiny offshoot road to the end only to be turned away by the guards as it is a restricted area

14. Jambatan Raja Muda Nazrin – Bridge Crossing of Sungai Perak, Beautiful View

15. Kampung Bahru Kota Tampan – Archaeological Gallery Lenggong,

16. Pekan Gerik – Small Town, Petrol Stop ….

17. Belum Rainforest Resort – Belum Tropical Rainforest (Pit Stop - Blow my budget this one)

18. Hentian Rehat Titiwangsa – Highest point you can get by driving to the Titiwangsa Mountain range (Banjaran Titiwangsa), Amazing view and one delicious Ramly Burger

19. Ayer Lanas – Drive By

20. Rantau Panjang – Duty Free Border Town between Malaysia & Thailand (Did not have My Passport else I would have crossed over :P )

21. Kota Bahru – Capital City of Kelantan, Nasi Kerabu – Nasi Kerabu ….. Yum Yum (Pit Stop)

22. Nearby  Kuala Krai – Polis Trap … (got a ticket overtaking on double white line)

23. Kuala Krai – Drive By

24. Gua Musang – Small Town with lots of Unique Rock Formation (Paid My Traffic Ticket)

25. Kampung Pulai – Very Small Chinese Kampung with a Temple inside a Rock

26. Merapoh – Drive By, the fringe of Taman Negara

27. Kuala Lipis – Railway Town, Good Food …

28. Bentong

29. Genting Sempah

30. Kuala Lumpur – Home (Pit Stop)

31. Johor Bahru – Hijack Dad Car to drive my self back to Singapore

Not every place is interesting and there are stretch where it was just a drive in a limbo state, still I felt it was too rush, too haphazardly put together to really venture but it was a good break non-the-less

Travelled on : Nov 2016

Saturday, 9 September 2017

7 Day Road Trip Malaysia – The Departure

How do I even begin? 

Woke up the next morning after the bus ride from Singapore and packed a bag of cloths for a week. Dad told me the most important thing about his dodgy car, COOLANT. So apparently the coolant was leaking so I would have to constantly check it every morning and top it up so the engine will be good and I won’t get stranded. 

Planning an overland border crossing road trips isn’t easy but luckily I only have to worry about Malaysia this time and the car has the MAA insurance which I can get a tow truck anywhere in Malaysia ….. mental noted it for a bigger trip, but small steps at a time … a little experiment before the big one I kept telling myself  

Breakfast and mom said in Hokkien : - 

“ Lu Jin Jialat, Jai-nya-ba-lu-wa-kang-ah-bei-sai-si-sua-knya-ee-the-kua-kin-ke-sor”

(Note: If only I have a Kind Soul to give me the correct Pinyin in English)

My auto inner translation was like this in my head 

“You damn Teruk - Knowing you just change job and won’t be able to travel anytime soon, you faster faster go cabut. 

The grin I could give at the end of that sentence was priceless :)

9am and it was time to depart, a photo taken by dad and I was off …. Basic errand first I guess so filled up the tank full and loaded the toll card and got some money out of the bank. Set my first waze destination for Kapar the start of a kampong town north of Klang. 

Me with Dad's Car .... My Ride for the Week

Driving Out of Kuala Lumpur - My Trusty Companion ... Snoopy
Took me nearly an hour to get to the start point and about RM 10 on the tolls. KL is damn expensive. No more highway from here and it was the real beginning. 
The first Route Aim - Kapar
P.S – For those that is wondering, Dad’s car is a Naza Bestari – Link Here (I'm gonna use Paul Tan Website coz that's was the first on google search)

Travelled on : Nov 2016


Sunday, 3 September 2017

One Week Road Trip Malaysia - The Route

Normally I would post as I travel for all my blog and wont be able to tell you the route of my journey till I reach the ‘x’ mark … since normally I don’t know myself where I’ll end up, but this was a journey done in Nov 2016 so …..

This was a trip done by looking at google map ... in a way i was pushing it a bit going too far but seeing the hidden part of Malaysia warmed my soul. Lots of small stops were done but yet many more was missed out since it was only a week of travelling ...

Many a times people ask me ... which was the best country you have ever traveled ?
I could only smile at that answer most of the time ....

More detail stories and vlog coming soon ...

One Week Road Trip Malaysia - Driving Route

Sunday, 27 August 2017

One Week Road Trip Malaysia – A mini Adventure Around Malaysia

This all started back in Nov 2016 when I decided to resign from my ex company Gammon of 9 years working which also gave in to my selfish request of two sabbaticals. Why did I quit … well that’s another story but the one thing I did felt relieve when I quit was …. 

I wouldn’t have to ask them for the third sabbatical ….. *think mischievous evil laughter thoughts*  

So I had a break … in between jobs and I had about a week of free time. It’s been a year since I came back from the second sabbatical and boy is my soul crying for a trip … 1 week … what can I do, I pondered in the bus on the way back to home to KL from Singapore … 

A few days before, I WatsApp to Dad …..

Me : Can I borrow your car for a week from 23 Nov ? 

Dad : You come back ? 

Me : Yep, Leave approved

Dad : ok 

A four hours bus ride from Johor to kl is enough to cook up some rough plan that put back some excitement into my bones. I was going to take my Dads car and drive it around peninsular Malaysia in the next one week that I have …. A mini adventure around Malaysia … it’s been a while …. Plus it will serve as a guide for the bigger planned travels. 

Wat time will you be leaving tomorrow asked Dad ?? 

Wake up and go ??? ….

How I love spontaneous travel …. My brains firing all possibility telling some of my friends the route and the next hours the plan changes again. 

The details always changes till the journey begins and then the adventure become a memory and a mistake becomes fond.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

To Mom & Dad : Thanks for Worrying :)

This was back in Oct 2015 when I just got back from a 1 year round the world trip. 

A scare like no other while travelling. Dad’s recent adventure to the hospital for a surgery due to adhesion of the small intestine showed me how brave one is when he is alone and that fear is greatest when it belongs to someone else’s. Of all the adventures I had and the dangerous situation I face or even the unknown that I explore though, the fear of being kidnap, mugged, robbed or even shot was nothing compared to when dad went into the hospital and the doctors said he will need to undergo surgery. 

When it’s your own life at stake the level of worry is never as much as when someone you love is at stake. Mom always worry when I travel and I get the occasional hints from dad as well when there are major outbreaks or mass shooting at places I am travelling nearby yet I always tell them its fine and not to worry. Dad at the hospital was the same, saying it will be ok, being the brave one even if he was the one being operated. The “worry” is for the family or the ones who love you while the person in danger gets to enjoy or ride the trill of the adventure. 

I can only learn from this to not neglect always assuring people when I travel that I am in the safe zone and keeping in touch even if it’s just to have some idle chatter. I used to think that being disconnected was something that is soul refreshing, relieving in the loneliness that if I disappear, no one would even know it for months or years since I had been disconnected for a few months; a feeling that I cannot really describe but the simply put, one enjoy being anonymous and mysterious by being disconnected.

It is in time like these that I would have to remember that as much as I enjoy disappearing for a year or two travelling, it is still important to stay connected and give a piece of mind to those that care for you.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

New Delhi - Last Stop before Home

I heard so many stories about New Delhi. Mostly from travellers that I have met along the way in India. At one point I notice a pattern …. And my questions started to become generalized and assumption based ….. the base that Delhi is not a good place and the worst place in India. 

Apparently there was a lots of elaborate gimmick or scams going on in Delhi. Most tourist first time flies into Delhi to venture into Mother India on a spiritual journey. The more spiritual the journey the easier prey for the con artist that just want your money. After all one cannot embark on a spiritual journey without first encountering the evil of humanity. 

New Delhi
I have met so many so many and heard so many scams that tourist had been ripped off from. The road is closed .. the hotel is no longer in existence …. The choice of words are so profound that one should think and wonder how sophisticated these con artist are. Generally the con goes in a similar fashion that they find an excuse any excuse to discredit the place you are trying to go and bring you to a legitimate government authorized honest building. If those that don’t know it already … this is India … there is no such thing …..

Walking around Delhi I notice that there was a lot of these such buildings …. Look official, painted in all the right colours, good English educated friendly Indian that will gives you advice in anything that you might want to know …. Everything is genuine …. Until you need to spend money …. To buy a ticket or to book a hotel or to get a tour … that’s when one have to think twice or twenty times of how much should one really pay …. 

I was lucky that Delhi was the last stop and I had so much warning …. In a way I was immune and the last few days I had towards the end of my 1 year long trip for some reason was also hot tempered … I could get easily agitated by friendly people looking to help you out. My mind was most at peace when people left me alone …. Never before have I sought to travel a country that is not friendly towards it tourist but just plain neutral. 

I say Delhi is not a good place unless you are here with a local guide or have your fury burning at full power disdaining everyone that tries to befriend you …. The one and only true government tourist information centre apparently was genuine and very helpful according to one tourist that manage to find it ….

Finding it was an issue … you could not rely on any street locals for help for they will direct you to a dummy where the scam artist are. Not that all the locals are bad but just that these locals are either in consort with these dummies or because there are so many of these genuine dummies that the locals themselves think that its true genuine official. 

The nice German chap that found it .. Edward whom I met in Pushkar told me the only trick to knowing if it was a true blue Government tourist information for Delhi is that they are not authorized to sell anything …. No money …. No Booking No Tickets No Tips …. Pure information and help and guide … if only you could find it. 

Still it was Delhi. 

What did I do in Delhi …. Not much I would say. Sightseeing was out of my mind as I was mentally exhausted to appreciate any of the sights. I went Handicraft hunting for the 4 days that I was here. Jump from one bazaar to another bazaar to another official gov shop to another …. 

I could finally shop since it was the last stop before flying home. Time to rake in some souvenirs and stuff and since its India, things should be pretty cheap. I realized how dumb I was pretty quick. First stop was Dalli Haat a Handicraft Bazaar set up by the Gov of India that allows the genuine handicraft artist to display their works for free at the bazaar and no middle men …. Only the artist themselves must mend the stalls. 

Dalli Haat was a nice place quiet and peaceful with its artist gently poking you to see their wares but not too aggressive as a market free for all. The unique thing was that to enter one would need to pay an entry fee. It was 50 for foreigner and 20 for a local Indian. I look at it … and chuck Rs 20 rupee on the window with my displease look not a word uttered. The guy took one brief look at me and gave me the ticket …. I was a local now … India has no rules …. Rules on the board is more like a suggestion …. 

In the Bazaar I found more of the fav Rajasthan fine paintings … price was for two small size refine works of a peacocks it was Rs 2800 … I really think I strike a bargain in Jaipur now …. I did not buy anything despite looking around for 3 days … my taste in material stuff had risen after travelling a year …. Why buy junk … if you want to buy anything at all especially things that are not essential or practical … just for decoration .. it should be of the finest quality but also at a fair or in Indian standard …. CHEAP.  

3 days I scour Delhi for Handicraft …. Cottage Emporium, internal states emporium , markets, Janpath Market …. Bazaars … back alley streets …. and the result after 3 days of hunting is that I have bought nothing at all …. As I wait in the hostel for 6pm before I head towards the airport I wonder if the spare Rs 2000 that I have would get me any stuff worth its value at the airport …. 

It was time to go home … it has been a year since I started this travel … my second time around the world … time to fly home and see some familiar friends and family … a smile creep in as I think on where my next adventure will be …. And how long before I could put this plan in motion … 

It has been an eventful year

Travelled on : Aug 2015

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Daytrip to Mathura & Vindravan - .... Thieving Monkey Stole my Glasses

Mathura and Vrindavan was a local recommendation from Ktan telling the story of Lord Krishna, one of the three key deity of the Hindu mythology. Daytrip was an adventure in india, espescially when one has to travel roughly 150km to visit the place.

It all started out well waking up late and getting ready to hit the road by 1030 am. First obstacle was to get an autorickshaw to the train station …. 150 rupee … no 100 rupee … no …. zzz … it boiled down to 120 rupee and I was on the road again to the train station

Train station and my second time with unreserved ticket. Ticket to Mathura and I got the same treatment of chuck your ticket at your face treatment. I guess it’s a thing on the unreserved ticket counter but was happy to pay dirt cheap price for it … 50 rupee … Enquiry counter time and the next train to Mathura leaves at 150pm … check the board and it says late … fuck … that would mean waiting nearly 4 hours at the train station ….

Back up plan …. Take a bus … so I walked out the train station and naturally got surrounded by touts .,… could have walk to the bus station but I succumbed to taking a manual rickshaw for 20 rupee to the bus station ….

Mathura ???? there bus … jump on immediately and it departed just as I boarded …. Perfect. It cost me 70 rupee on the bus … not to bad I guess and a slow journey getting out of Agra till we hit the main highway and it was cruise sailing.

Mathura … and I got dropped off way way far away from the centre …. The outer ring, but it didn’t matter I guess since I decided to pay for a tuk tuk anyway to Vrindavan first. 150 rupee and I was too lazy to bargain … on the road again.

Vrindavan an hour later since the tuk tuk was a crappy one with no power. Finally the land of Hare Krishna. Got a super heavy lunch thaili which was awesome only to suffer with a painful belly for the next 6 hours since I was too full. A walk around Vrindavan and it was nice and windy roads rural and surprisingly no foreign tourist. With the amount of western Hare Krishna fans I thought it would be crazier than this … still I was enjoying the local atmosphere.

Walking around the narrow streets of Vrindravan
Someone bump me from the back …. My hands went straight for the pockets and in a split second determined that I had everything intact …. But wait why is everything blury now … My glasses was gone …. Bah I spat thinking it must have dropped off from the bump. Spinning around looking for it I saw a monkey perching on a ledge of a building 1st floor with my glasses.

Fuck ….

A cheeky kid came to me and says “50 rupee I get it back”

The Indian in me said NO …. 10 rupee …. All the while squinting at the monkey willing it to drop my specs. I could see him chewing on the side frame of my Oakley Glasses which had a yellow rubber grip. He took off the grip … great, … chance that he might think it’s a banana and drop the glasses instead.

50 rupee I get it back ….. like a chant in the background of my ear ….

To my horror I see the monkey licking the whole glasses, bite and trying to tear its way through the nose piece. He has finally figure out that the yellow rubber grip is not a banana … and is now furious gnawing away at my frame.

Thieving Monkey in Vrindravan Chewing my Classes
In my mind …. Even if I get it back it’s going to be useless to me …. and do I really want to wear that after being infested by monkey germs ???

50 rupee I get it back …..

No … 10 rupee …. ( the auto indian in me bargaining )

A guy pass by and saw me watching the monkey ….. 10 rupee for the boy and 10 rupee for him to buy some juice to give the monkey ….. you get back your glasses ….

Looking at the Monkey it was too late … he went ballistic and bend the whole frame trying to rip it apart ….. Oh well …. It’s definitely useless to me now …. I laugh and chuckle and turn around to enjoy what I could of Vrindavan with my blurry vision …

50 rupee I get it back ….. the cheeky kid was still cheerful trying to sell his trade


Continue on, I see what I could with my blurry eyes of Vrindavan …. There was a garden with 5 temples in it …. I think it was the Seva Kunj but I could not be sure …. It is stated in wikitravel … planted with countless tulsi (holy basil) trees, this is the garden where gopis dance for Krishna at night, and where Krishna and his lover Radha spend the night locked in the Moti Mahal. 


There were hoards of monkeys here thou ….. harassing everyone that could find … trying to take anything that is not well guarded …. 
The monkeys of Hare Krishna were a protected being in this holy land as the story has a monkey god Hanuman in it ....

Walking around, I sneak out my phone from time to time trying to get a better view through the lenses of phone camera … I was near-sighted after all … can see near can’t see far but Monkeys were watching … must be weary of monkey jumping me now ...

I pass by the Yamuna river where a holy men tending a tree said to be a thousand year old. Many pilgrims come here to make offering he said …. Do you want to make a donation? I have donated a pair of glasses today to the monkeys … I think it’s enough …. He laughed at my answer but left me alone without any more gimmick’s. 

Yamuna River in Vrindravan
I decided I was not getting much from this daytrip with my vision stolen so early in the trip. Time to head back but there was only one way which was to get to Mathura to get a bus to Agra …. Might as well see the most famous Radha Krishna Temple in Mathura before I go back …. 

My hopes of using camera to take pictures for later viewing was dashed when the front gates says No Camera No Phones …. Even from outside the temple looked fabulous …. Left my phone at the locker and went in anyway enjoying the crowd and the feel of people all in happy mode singing Hare Krishna and going round in circles. 

Entrance to Radha Krishna Temple in Mathura - India
What I could not see I could only feel ….. 

End of Daytrip and I head back to Agra to get my spare glasses out. 

Travelled on : Aug 2015 

Saturday, 22 July 2017

7 Wonders of the Modern World – Taj Mahal, Agra – India

Taj Mahal, Agra …. Somehow the wonders of the modern world pales to the expectation that one desire from it. I guess it the disappointment is when everyone says it’s a masterpiece putting it up there on a pedestal that after more glorious bootlicking reviews, one’s expectation of being lifted to a higher plane of existence when visiting any of the 7 wonders could never be fulfilled. 

I enjoyed Agra in a way although the distance of places put me off a little. Distance is fine but being force to use only the preying touts of Tuk Tuks or camel or horse carriage cause me to hate India local transport a little more. 

I visited the Red Fort of course and Taj Mahal which was a structure of great artwork but then I also took a long walk into the real Agra … the back lane carefully hidden from the tourist path were the locals go about their daily lives …. It was a place where locals look at you as if you were a lost puppy, strayed off the main tourist road and into their back alley housing.

Not much to post on Agra and Taj Mahal … it was a place to just chill and enjoy the view

Taj Mahal - Tourist Everywhere

Travelled on : Sep 2015

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Buying Fine Arts Souvenir in Jaipur

After 2 hours I was finish with the Amber fort and headed for lunch. I passed by one handicraft shop and went in looking for Fine Rajasthan Painting on Plastic or as the cheaters call it Camel Bone. It has become an obsession for me now to get one for some reason …. So do regret not getting it in Udaipur where I saw the actual artist painting them. 

The shop did not have any for they only have carving. The shopkeeper thou was a nice guy who recommended me a place along the way back to the pink city. The store was nowhere anywhere where a tourist would go. Out of the city and surrounded by empty shops nearby. I had time and thought to give it a fair chance. Walking into the shop I saw they had what I wanted or rather had the stuff but not the quality of painting that I wanted. 

We only have paintings from Rs 1500 and above. All our stuff are good stuff. The word GOOD is over used in India …. I don’t think they understand the meaning of quality. 

He showed me some of the works which I rejected and the shopkeeper dove deeper into the stash till I finally see one that might just make do. 

This one of Rs 6000 

How I hate the intricate layers of India bargaining system. Nowadays my bargaining style seem to be insulting the shopkeeper in India …

I think its painting that is not done asleep at least but no way does it worth USD 100. Thank you and goodbye ....

Walked out and started walking back to town. 

Along the way I saw one more shop … a large one that had some of the fine painting displayed on the window. I decided to give it a try …. Why not …. I had time. … 

This shop had really good works. Not masterpiece such as the one I saw in Udaipur but these were good that the brush strokes did not seem sloppy. How much …. ??? Rs 3500 for the elephant Rs 4000 for the Kingfisher …. Painting on silk cheaper Rs 1000 or if you want painting on paper Rs 800. I contemplate it … keep looking, somehow considering the options and the worth of the painting. 

The Kingfisher Fine Painting on Synthetic Camel Bone - Bargain and Bought for Rs 1000
I have no money for that. 

No problem … ATM nearby …. 

No money means no budget …. You think ATM means unlimited money ???

The banter went on for an hour at lease with me looking as tormented as I could. I wonder now how I even had the patients to do it thinking back. Normally I just snap when the opening price is obviously crazy. 

What’s your budget the shop owner asked … Rs 1000 for the Kingfisher …. 

This is not possible …. 25% offer of the opening price is not possible. 

In a way in India we all know they mark up 100% to 300% for foreigner waiting for people to bargain at 50% of the price before finally settling at around 65% … they still gain a rip off of double the selling price. So in a way me asking for 25% of the original price seams just right. 

It dropped to 3500 as expected …. 

Let me think about it ….

Silk …. Silk painting is only Rs 1000 …. 

No I not interested in silk I told them …. 

More conversation …. 3000 final price … best price … 

I dun have money …. I need to think about it …. If I spend money now what about tomorrow ??

Arghh this is really nice painting, tormented me being wishy washy ……. Mmmm mmmmm no I need to think about it …. 

Give me your name card for the shop so I can find it tomorrow if I somehow manage to shuffle my budget …. 

Shopkeeper sends the boy to get name card but I could tell he was stalling … the boy took forever to get the name card over … 

Friend … ok …. Rs 2500 …. Really very cheap … you are lucky person …. ( am I really lucky ???) 

At this point I decided I will need time to contemplate my buying decision …. Proceed to walk out the door … 

Whoops I U-turn .. I forgot my water bottle …. 

Friend … Name me a price between 1000 ( my Budget) and 2000 ( Oh so it drop again to 2000 ) 

No I need to think … 

Just tell me a price … 

Why are you pressuring me ? I barked at him …. 

No pressure he said … and I scratch my head and grabbed my water bottle and started to walk out the door … I will think about it I said … 

OK 1000 …. And he started the packing process …. 

I was stunned … dumbfounded … what the f*ck just happened …. 

You sure ??? 

Yep yep … no problem … 1000 Kingfisher is yours … 

I dun want you to get into any trouble …. (Secretly thinking maybe I should not buy this now but can’t think of a way to escape tactfully)

No problem …. Rs 1000 please …

So I parted with Rs 1000 and gained a Rajasthan Fine Painting on synthetic Camel Bone. Why do I somehow feel that I lost instead of winning a grand bargain of 25% …. Only in India

Post Note: Nowhere else in India did I saw such quality and size of work in India at this price even after extensive bargaining …. The closes I got was Rs 1400 in Dalli Haat New Delhi. I am starting to think I got a good deal … either that or that somehow being a foreigner all these shopkeeper opens the same inflated price … oh well … only in India 

Travelled on : Sep 2015

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The Pink City of Jaipur – India

Recalling Jaipur I was so tired I was not pleased when the hostel was located at a faraway location from any sorts of sights. Being set in a residential neighbourhood this hostel was really far away, no busses, no trains, no food.

The one thing that annoy me the most was the food. No food nearby. It took me about 2 hours walking round and round going in a bigger circle to a bigger circle till I finally found some resemblance of food. That was at least a 20 minute walk from the hostel.

The Pink Turban Hostel. Because the hostel was hot with lousy air conditioning (Although they were using a desert cooler and a huge one too) WIFI that barely works and a location that sucks big time I was not pleased with Jaipur. 

New Jaipur - The Pink City

A typical Street inside the Pink City - Jaipur

The Pink City Gate - Jaipur
I only did two things in Jaipur …. Visit the Pink City which was not really pink and not really pretty thou it was a walk like any other walk though India big cities. Streets dedicated to Sari, streets dedicated to jewellery, streets dedicated to chapatti …. You get the idea … the only new thing I saw was a street that was dedicated to Marble carving. That was a sight to see but any stuff worthy of spending Rupee was too big to carry. 

I got persuaded by some people from the hostel that I should and must visit the actual Jaipur which was far far away and has a famous fort call the Amber Fort. I though the Pink City was the old city of Jaipur but apparently it was the new Jaipur.  

So I made my way … rickshaw was draining my funds in Jaipur and that did not even get me to my destination and I had to take a bus. Amber fort thou was quite a worthwhile visit, grand and ever charming. Touts and friendly Indian guides will pester you to get a guide …. It’s not worth visiting without a guide they would say, you will be wasting your money …. Rs 200 rupee for a foreigner entrance ….

I find it f*cking rude of Indians who seems to think they, and when I say they I mean every f*cking single individual with different minds and idea whom seems to think they are all knowing and all wise. They give the off air vibe that you tourist don’t know what you are doing …. Follow me I will make your trip memorable till I part you with your money and then you will feel cheated like a Indian. 

I went in without a guide …. Read the tablets information post every now and then and just went nook and corner exploring …. One of the security guard saw me wandering everywhere and asked me to follow ….

He could not speak much English but was kind enough to show me all the hidden rooms of the fort and best view of the place such as hidden staircase that gives amazing view upstairs. Just when I was starting to profoundly hate Indians …. This chap alters my narrowing view of India …. 

Amber Fort - Jaipur

Amber Fort - Jaipur

Amber Fort - Jaipur

Amber Fort - Jaipur

Amber Fort - Jaipur
Its people … Its people …. Just that most Indians are cheats …. At least at tourist places.

Travelled on : Sep 2015