Overland Adventures

I am thinking of starting a new blog for the next trip ...

It will be a overland by car or motorcycle ... or any vehicle that may carry me ...

While this blog will still be updated for trips and adventures travelling, the new blog will focus on the driving aspect of the overland travel

Hmm ... where do I go ...

What should I use ... car or bike ....

Anyway ... stay tune till I get the blog up .... a link page will be posted here

Meanwhile ... feel free to drop comments on ideas and suggestions ...

P.S ... if someone would help design a cool logo for the overland trip blog it would be awesome ... cant pay money but any other thing should be cool ... ... wait let me re-word it ... a reasonable trade should be cool :)

Update 14 Oct 2017

Ok so i scrap the idea of creating a new blog ... damn super lazy ... i'll just use this new page as a directory for the overland post instead :).

To start off will be the mini road trip which is an experiment for a bigger trip ....

One Week Road Trip Malaysia 

  1. One Week Road Trip Malaysia – A mini Adventure Around Malaysia 
  2. One Week Road Trip Malaysia - The Route 
  3. 7 Day Road Trip Malaysia – The Departure
  4. 7 Days Road Trip Malaysia – Apalah Itinerary
  5. 7 Day Road Trip Malaysia – The Road to Sekinchan
  6. 7 Day Road Trip Malaysia – Sekinchan
  7. 7 Day Road Trip Malaysia – Towards Teluk Intan

Motorbiking South East Asia 

Soon to come .....

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