Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Lazing in Pokhara

Pokhara was a tranquil place as one of the nepali local told me in Spanish as I await my bus in the morning going to Lumbini. I stayed there 3 nights and seen nothing of Pokhara other than going for Dhal Bat every lunch and Dinner. Best Dhal Bat in Pokhara claimed Stephano and it was the cheapest we have ever come across too at 150 ruppee.

Planned to walk around town …. Did not happen …. Plan to rent a motorbike and drive around … did not happen … plan to get a massage … did not happen so everyday in Pokhara was a lazy day.

In part it was due to the monsoon season that was already in. Everyday like clockwork the rain pours from 4pm all the way till the next morning. This made for very condusive sleeping hence I always almost slept till 10 am before waking up and chilling and then it was lunch time or Dhalbat time as we have started to coin the term.
Few days later the bunch of people from Kathmandu Hostel turned up and checked in. It was time to leave I thought and time to resume my solo adventure. Next morning I left after breakfast and bid Duncan and Stephano best wishes on the 10 day no talking no sex no smoking no eye contact no alchohol no drugs meditation course. The VIPASSANA meditation course

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