Tuesday, 12 September 2017

7 Days Road Trip Malaysia – Apalah Itinerary

I am going to backtrack a bit from the blog and write up an Itinerary of my 1 week road trip around Peninsular Malaysia. This is cause after sharing on Facebook of “The Departure” post I got a comment from a friend, an upset that she could not see the itinerary before I started story telling. I know that my post are so slow some people can’t wait to see the whole picture so ….

The exact comment was – "I was hoping to see the full itinerary! Apalah …. "

Should I even call it an itinerary?? I did not really plan it and was always looking at google map thinking which route I should take or where should be the next stop to spend the night. Anyways we can call it an itinerary or summary of the places I went and a short description of things to see/do

Solitary Peace On the Road
 In Running Order

1. Kapar – One Road Town – Drive By

2. Pantai Remis – Beach only seen by the locals

3. Sekinchan – Paddy Fields, Fishing Village, Fishing Boats, Seafood, Temple, Wishing Tree, Beach

4. Sabak – Drive By

5. Teluk Intan – Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan ( we have a leaning tower too in Malaysia haha )

6. Ipoh – Lots of stuff in this heritage town (Pit Stop)

7. Chemor – Drive By

8. Sungai Siput – Drive By

9. Kuala Kangsar – The Oldest Rubber Tree in Malaysia

10. Taiping – Lovely Lake with Overhanging Trees (Pit Stop)

11. Kuala Sepetang – Fire Flies, Mangroves, Fishing Village

12. Sauk – Small Chinese Village with amazing fresh water fish food

13. Chenderoh Hyroelectric Power Plant – I tried … drove the tiny offshoot road to the end only to be turned away by the guards as it is a restricted area

14. Jambatan Raja Muda Nazrin – Bridge Crossing of Sungai Perak, Beautiful View

15. Kampung Bahru Kota Tampan – Archaeological Gallery Lenggong,

16. Pekan Gerik – Small Town, Petrol Stop ….

17. Belum Rainforest Resort – Belum Tropical Rainforest (Pit Stop - Blow my budget this one)

18. Hentian Rehat Titiwangsa – Highest point you can get by driving to the Titiwangsa Mountain range (Banjaran Titiwangsa), Amazing view and one delicious Ramly Burger

19. Ayer Lanas – Drive By

20. Rantau Panjang – Duty Free Border Town between Malaysia & Thailand (Did not have My Passport else I would have crossed over :P )

21. Kota Bahru – Capital City of Kelantan, Nasi Kerabu – Nasi Kerabu ….. Yum Yum (Pit Stop)

22. Nearby  Kuala Krai – Polis Trap … (got a ticket overtaking on double white line)

23. Kuala Krai – Drive By

24. Gua Musang – Small Town with lots of Unique Rock Formation (Paid My Traffic Ticket)

25. Kampung Pulai – Very Small Chinese Kampung with a Temple inside a Rock

26. Merapoh – Drive By, the fringe of Taman Negara

27. Kuala Lipis – Railway Town, Good Food …

28. Bentong

29. Genting Sempah

30. Kuala Lumpur – Home (Pit Stop)

31. Johor Bahru – Hijack Dad Car to drive my self back to Singapore

Not every place is interesting and there are stretch where it was just a drive in a limbo state, still I felt it was too rush, too haphazardly put together to really venture but it was a good break non-the-less

Travelled on : Nov 2016

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