Wednesday, 12 April 2017

My Indian Belly in Kolkata

We celebrated surviving Kali temple by heading back and picking up Purvi to head out for dinner. Street food was the goal this time

Papri Chat

The first one was Papri Chat …. Something meshed together …. All snack bite and I thought it tasted like sushi ….. only it was pure veg …. Interesting but the spice was slowly setting in
West Bengal Puchka
Second was West Bengal Puchka …. Apparently you can get Puchka everywhere in India but they are all different. An industrial pack round ball potato chip I think which is hollow and they crack it and put a filling that is different everywhere in India. ….. the one I had was some sort of potato spiced and marinated then with the stuffing the whole thing was dipped into a watery concoction and one has to eat it while it was dripping water though the fast melting round chip.

It was a snack bite that had to be consume as soon as the food vendor pass it to you …. In fact a plate is not required …. He mixed the potato and prepare it with his bare hand, crack the chip dunk and pass you by hand and you just eat it …. Such romance …. No plastic gloves involved …
The third was Aludon … this was potato in curry sauce … or at least that was what I thought it was ….  It’s not that spicy I told them … quite nice …. After the second bite the delay effect spice kicks in and I felt like if I open my mouth a waterfall of sliver will flow down endlessly while I still wright in pain …

Dunking in a bottle of Cold water we headed to another shop …. The sweet shop …
Kheerkadan ……. I had a bad feeling …. I knew the sweets that my workers force feed me when they come back from a long vacation. Just one Purvi and Ktan said …. First bite and I would rather be burn by Aludon again. Sweet is not the word that should be used to describe the sweet. Never could I thought that the overdose of sweet pleasure can be so painful.

With that done … I surrendered … my stomach was also grumbling from the sweet …. No more experiments for tonight.

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