Saturday, 29 April 2017

The Indian Train System – Once you tasted Air-conditioning …..

Train system in India goes from AC-1 Air-con first class to AC-3 Air-con Third Class before going to the sleeper class (Non A.C ) and general admission (Free for all). So far I have been only on the sleeper class …. But yesterday was the first journey in an air-conditioned train.

I have to say the price was double the sleeper class but then the service was way beyond what I was used to. India was turning me into a dirty ragged scuffled backpacker which is barely surviving the heat.

Arrived at Visakhapatnam

Sleeper class was a blue bed, so thin that of you sit on the wrong spot you get poke by nails from the underside that is used to secure the fake leather, holding the bed together. AC-3 class was double the thickness and none of the danger of being poke in the ass while you turn in your sleep.

Sleeper class had no air-con …. AC3 had wonderfully perfectly working Air-con

Sleeper class had no sheets …. AC-3 they gave freshly packed and washed sheets, blankets and even pillows …. I have to admit having clean sheets in India is something worth paying for … even hotels don’t give you sheets as clean as this … I got two ….. secretly I packed one into my bag for future emergencies …. I never understand why people say bring a set of sheets for beds when backpacking …. All the hostels provides them anyway ….. *India* ….

There was also none of the beggar’s hassle that you see in sleeper class …. Every few minutes someone will walk past with a chant or palm open, with a kid or with a stick … they practised their puppy eyes to perfection and if you are asleep they poke you to wake you …. AC-3 had none of these …

Sleeper had Ladyboys that will come round asking for money …. So bad luck the ladyboys are considered that they normally get much more money than a severely disabled person. If you don’t give them money then the clap curse will decent upon you (Ladyboys will clap their hand in a curse like manner while mumbling something and staring a burning hole into your eyes), plus if you are lucky or unlucky depending on how you view it, these ladyboys usually roams in group so a group clapping curse dance will be free for viewing ….

  … thankfully my Indian trained ‘I could care less look’ works so far and they spare me the clap curse and move on when I stare with knitted eyebrows.

Sleeper had all the micro business entrepreneurs hopping on and off every train stop yelling whatever they were selling. *Chai ….. Chai ……. Briyani …… Briyani …… Chicken ….. Banana …… Bangles …. Bangles …… Nuts ….. and much more but usually in the native language. 

AC 3 class had only the official Meals on Wheels personnel that mouth the item he is selling as softly as possible …

Comfort …. You don’t know how much you miss it till you tasted it.

I now think even at double the price it is worth taking a night train in AC-3 class since one really get a good sleep …. Plus it was only Rs 1000 ….. same price I seem to be paying for hotels now ….
Note : Travel Date : Aug 2015

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