Friday, 30 June 2017

Quick Visit in Jodhpur - The Blue City of India

Jodhpur the blue city was not as amazing as I thought I would be. Narrow streets and zig zaggy roads through dusty and mysterious alleys wandering and I found nothing but the common Indian people. Pretty boring. Then again it was a nice change of pace instead of people hassling you all the time to buy something.

Jodhpur The Blue City - India

Inside the Zig Zaggy Roads of Jodhpur

Jodhpur Blue Painted Buildings
I mostly went exploring with another English guy (Ned) which stayed at the same hostel. We walked quite far away from the tourist area and nearly ended up near the old outer walls. Into those streets children were playing doing their own thing till they saw a white boy and a yellow boy. We gathered a fan club …. And it was fun till one of the boy decided it would be fun as well to ask for money. 

Time for an Indian Escape Run …. Still it was fun with those kids laughing and mischievous all the time 

There is only one main attraction in Jodhpur and that was the stunning fort structure sitting above the city and by keeping it in sight we could navigate the city and know where we were all the time. Entrance to the fort was expensive by Indian standards at 500 rupee a visit but it included an audio guide which gave fantastic information causing me to be stuck at the fort for nearly 3 hours. 

Jodhpur Fort

Jodhpur Fort Entrance

Jodhpur Fort

Jodhpur Fort

Opium Set at Jodhpur Fort

Fine Arts inside Jodhpur Fort

The walls inside Jodhpur Fort
The blue city was also not really that blue. Only patches of houses were blue and not every single corner. Walking among them one would see the occasional all blue house to snap a picture but only at the high point of the fort one could see all the patches of blue together and imagine that the city was surrounded by water instead of desert. 

Outer Edge of the Old Wall - Jodhpur

It was a nice city Jodhpur but with the heat it was not a nice place to hang around too long.

Travelled on : Aug 2015

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