Sunday, 16 July 2017

Travelling by Local Government Bus from Jodhpur to Pushkar – India

I had time to check for the local suburban government bus so I decided to take it. The official bus stand was filled with people …. The real India! Not the tourist bus which is normally empty but leave you waiting for hours for the bus and when it arrive it is packed to the brim like sardines. No the government bus was a rackety bus that looks old, painted in blue with all the Hindi markings of where it was going.

Bus stand had ticket counters as well to sell tickets to wherever you are going but the catch is they would only sell the ticket once the bus arrived. No advance reservation allowed. Bus stand are only in Hindi for some reason and no English board nor announcement can be heard. This makes it harder for one to navigate the Indian bus system

Local Government Bus in India
Nothing a few questions can’t help answer and I found that the bus departs at 9 am in the morning. I have realized that information in India is always never as it is ….. it’s always approximate …. But if you do not head the information provided and lost track of time, miss of bus or unfortunate event is your fault entirely.

Research done a day earlier I was ready for a local adventure

Bus Station in Jodhpur
The next day I arrive at 815 am early to buy the bus ticket only to be told by the ticket booth that the bus to Pushkar departs at 1030 am …. I was to wait around to buy the ticket at 930 when the bus arrive. F*ck this shit and I walk over to the next counter and ask for a ticket to Ajmer instead. I knew Ajmer had bus almost every half hour and from Ajmer to Pushkar it was only a very short journey anyway ….

Ticket Booth in Jodhpur Bus Station - India

I hate waiting … especially in India where waiting can be infinite. Most displeasure shown would result in a reply with a big grin “This is India” 

So I got the bus to Ajmer for 185 rupee which left half an hour later and then at Ajmer after dodging all the auto rickshaw telling them I have no money since I arrive using a government bus. A few more asking around and I found the government bus to Pushkar and sat in the bus waiting for the worst fee and turn out it only cost 14 rupee from Ajmer to Pushkar …. Hooray .. I did the right choice and manage to save time and also money.


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