Sunday, 20 August 2017

To Mom & Dad : Thanks for Worrying :)

This was back in Oct 2015 when I just got back from a 1 year round the world trip. 

A scare like no other while travelling. Dad’s recent adventure to the hospital for a surgery due to adhesion of the small intestine showed me how brave one is when he is alone and that fear is greatest when it belongs to someone else’s. Of all the adventures I had and the dangerous situation I face or even the unknown that I explore though, the fear of being kidnap, mugged, robbed or even shot was nothing compared to when dad went into the hospital and the doctors said he will need to undergo surgery. 

When it’s your own life at stake the level of worry is never as much as when someone you love is at stake. Mom always worry when I travel and I get the occasional hints from dad as well when there are major outbreaks or mass shooting at places I am travelling nearby yet I always tell them its fine and not to worry. Dad at the hospital was the same, saying it will be ok, being the brave one even if he was the one being operated. The “worry” is for the family or the ones who love you while the person in danger gets to enjoy or ride the trill of the adventure. 

I can only learn from this to not neglect always assuring people when I travel that I am in the safe zone and keeping in touch even if it’s just to have some idle chatter. I used to think that being disconnected was something that is soul refreshing, relieving in the loneliness that if I disappear, no one would even know it for months or years since I had been disconnected for a few months; a feeling that I cannot really describe but the simply put, one enjoy being anonymous and mysterious by being disconnected.

It is in time like these that I would have to remember that as much as I enjoy disappearing for a year or two travelling, it is still important to stay connected and give a piece of mind to those that care for you.

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