Saturday, 21 October 2017

7 Day Road Trip Malaysia – A Night in IPOH

Reached Ipoh at 7pm on the first day. Felt that I packed too much driving in one day but it was all worth it to meet up with Andrew whom I have not seen in ages. Andrew was my hang out kaki during the days in Genting Highlands working as a croupier in the Casino. The other bonus point was of course a proper fully modern equip capsule hotel for RM 50 a night. Accommodation can really be expensive in Malaysia when in the outskirts. 

Container Hotel - Capsule Pod in Inpoh
 Thinking when I was back in South America and always walking into hotels and hotels to negotiate a better price, Malaysia was different … the reception told me to book online instead for it is cheaper … so I had to borrowed wifi from them to book their place for the night … oh well 

Andrew looked the same but he is a successful man now. 10 years and I was happy to see him change so much, so confident compared to when I first saw him in Genting Highlands. He now has a life plan, a goal, and a strong minded opinion. In fact he almost started giving me live lesson advice, since; as from his perspective I was a string less kite flying around wandering a kid that refuse to grow up. 

Andrew & Me - Drinking in Ipoh
“You have to eventually think of the future once you finished all your travels”, he said

I dun blame him I guess, 10 years on and I am still nowhere where he had a thing going in life perfectly. I only laugh as he tried, ….

“I remember when it was I giving you this talk about planning your life, back then in Genting there was no focus for you but look at you now, trying to give me the same talk ….. hahahaha”

Food was local Ipoh food and then we went to his pub for a drink before he sent me back. Have to say I am proud I gave him that talk so many years ago.           

Paradigm Pub - Ipoh

Biker Ambiance - Paradigm Pub

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