Monday, 23 October 2017

7 Days Road Trip Malaysia - Visiting Temples in Ipoh

First temple was Sam Poh Tong temple where it was built into the lime caves or at least that’s what wikitravel told me. I soon found out it is a thing in Ipoh to place temple of worship inside those majestic limestone cave they have all around.

Sam Poh Temple - Ipoh
Sam Poh temple was simple from the outside, and even after entering the main hall I tot meh … then the caretaker said I could go further inside to see walk pass a small door though a small short tunnel and it opened into a beautiful enclave.
Tunnel inside Sam Poh Temple - Ipoh

The enclave has a very old temple not open anymore but its architecture and vibe felt like I was in one of those Chinese flying movie in scenic mountain range. Peaceful and tranquilo, I sat down for a while to admire till I heard rock banging sound which startled me. Looking for the source it was two tortoise fucking. Nature is wonderful. 

Sam Poh Shrine

Sam Poh Shrine

Lots of Tortoise Around
Garden Outside Sam Poh Temple
Perak Tong temple … I guess partially because it was along the way and also wikitravel said it was the grandest temple in Perak hence the name. Drove in that direction hoping to see some shops with food along the way but to no avail. Turn into the temple and despite my many many traveling experience of not getting scammed I felled for the standard Malaysian scam which I have seen a million times. 

Inside Perak Tong Temple
Damn Indian uncle with a feather duster waving at me from far away when I turned in signalling me to park my car somewhere on the left side. In my head I though he was just organizing the car park but then again there was like so many fucking empty car park and no one around ….

Opened my door and he said, berapa pun boleh … apa-apa pun boleh …. Ok so RM 1 should be fine I guess, took out my wallet and the smallest change I got was RM 5. I could see the big grin on his face, paid for a lesson learned the hard way. 

The temple was grand indeed with many stairs leading up and up to great views of Ipoh and surround. It was definitely not for the faint hearted climbers for although the steps are good it was the up one way down back to the middle and up another to catch all the different viewpoint or for the more religious …. To visit all the deity and Buddha in every nook and corner of the temple.
Climbing Stairs all around the Limestone Rock Formation
If I were to ever make a treasure hunt game I would ask them to count the numbers of deity and Buddha …. And just to prevent smart guys with smartphones and google … a selfie shot to prove they were there …. Instant time and game killer. 

It was still worth a visit Perak Tong. 

The View of Ipoh From Perak Tong Temple
Next destination for the day .... Sleepy town Taiping

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