Sunday, 3 December 2017

7 Day Road Trip Malaysia – Kota Bahru

Day 5, Woke up early at 8am and I was eager to get out of the grimy house / makeshift bed and breakfast. Visiting Kota Bahru was refreshing, I could not remember the last time I was here and everything seems weird. Almost familiar Malaysia yet sublime difference. 

One thing I remembered today in the morning was that I could not communicate with the locals. Trying to buy the first “Keropok Lekor” I saw and I asked ‘berapa ??’ And I got the answer ‘leper’ …. I figured it was eight such as ‘lapan’ and it was true but it took a while to click and after that every time I try to ask something it felt like I was in south America again learning a new language, trying to not stick out. 

Felt weird referring them as the locals, as it was Malaysia and I am Malaysian yet thou it seems like another culture and country altogether. 

Kota Bahru is a vibrant town, as I walk around everywhere visiting markets, streets and even old Chinatown in the city you see a blend in culture comparable to Penang and even Malacca.

Town Centre - Kota Bahru

Handicraft Market - Kota Bahru
I learned to appreciate the little things in life observing the locals around yet as a city boy finding tranquillity in Kota Bahru, I can only wonder how many of them felt trap and wishes to migrate to a large city like KL. 

Big Bazaar Market - Kota Bahru

Kota Bahru Streets

Hokkien Community in Kota Bahru

Mural & Street Art - Kota Bahru

Streets - Kota Bahru

Deep Fried Chicken - Malaysia Style
Some parts of the old palace and monumental buildings were open to the public … taking full advantage as a Malaysian … for once I only had to pay the customary fee of RM 2 instead of the tourist price I had to fork out visiting places throughout my travels.

Traditional Long Boat - Kota Bahru

Travelled on: Dec 2016

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