Saturday, 10 March 2018

7 Day Road Trip Malaysia – Gua Musang, The Hidden Temple at Kampung Pulai

Gua Musang town is a very small town with not much to do. I resorted to wikitravel to see what there was to explore around the area and in a tiny map somewhere shows a 400 year old temple at Kampung Pulai a short drive from Gua Musang town. 
Temple Inside the Rock - Kampung Pulai
I found the temple overseeing a beautiful lake. Walk towards the lake and I saw the huge rock sticking out in the middle of a plain of trees and I could see some man made structure going up to the caves and on the top left a Chinese character in bright red.

It was beautiful but it was across the lake. Saw a mini stay wire bridge and walked across to find a grave path kind of road going both left and right around the lake. Figured right was shorter and I took a walk.

Mini Stay Cable Bridge To the Lake - Kampung Pulai
A Walk Into the Woods

I had time I figured and slowly took a 15minute walk toward the rock. Walking in I realised I was in a rubber tree plantation. It was serene and reaching the base of the rock I could see the majestic of the structure hanging onto the rock. 
A Walk Pass Rubber Tree Plantations

Rubber Tree Tapping - Kampung Pulai

Almost there ... Mini Shrine Along the way

Two locals was chilling out and as I approached the staircase going up, one of them told me that the old caretaker was no longer working so the temple is now closed permanently. I climbed up the stairs anyway but could not get pass the iron grill. The view was a gem forgotten in time. You could even see that it connects inside the caves and out to pockets of holes around the big rock. 

The Base of the Huge Rock at Kampung Pulai

Entrance to the 400 Year Old Temple at Kampung Pulai - The Bright Red Chinese Character was what I saw from A Far

Temple in a Rock - Kampung Pulai, Gua Musang
I may not find Gua Musang or pay my respects to the temple but just seeing the temple forgotten in time is a joy that I have found a gem off the beaten track.
Travelled on : Nov 2016

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