Wednesday, 6 February 2013

First Train Ride In Italy

Emergency Rations
With my first hand education of train rides in Greece I was going to be well prepared this time. I still bought the cheapest ticket I could find …. still a budget backpacker …. Only difference was this time I was going to be prepared. I stroll down to the supermarket got a load of grocery / supplies in case of emergencies. Nope I was not going to be hungry again traveling without food and seeing other people with picnic lunch box were not helping. I got bread, a bottle of wine ( it’s dirt cheap in Italy ), ham, cheese, and chocolates.

It was to be a 4 hour train ride from Bari to Naples. Train was on time and all was good. After trying to navigate Greek Alphabets, Italy was easy. I still couldn’t read speak Italian but I could now match the words on the ticket with the signs. Roman alphabets Hurray !!

The ride brought us through the deserted countryside where no civilization was seen. Not even agriculture. It was barren mountainous terrain but not the beautiful kind. Still it was a smooth and nice ride. I arrive Naples on time as per schedule, and the hunt for the hostel begins again. The first hostel I found easily after taking the metro but it was full.

The nice hostel owner however referred me to another hostel up the hill which I found and it was bed time.

Not too bad … maybe I was getting the hang of flying blind … or maybe it was just Greece. Still I felt comfort in knowing I will be there for a week at lease.

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