Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Black Light Theater - Prague

Black Light Theater
If you are into plays and performing arts the black light theater in Prague is not to be missed. I have seen many Broadway shows and this one is definitely one of a kind. The whole theater is pitch dark that once you are seated and the lights goes off you cant see anything at all even your hands.

The whole play is done in darkness using glow sticks, painted glow in the dark costumes and props and spot lights at certain angles only to create illusions where a normal theater cant. The play is also wholly non-verbal - hence you wont need to know the local Czech language to understand.

There are a quite a few of the Black Light Theater in Prague and most have different stories but I choose to explore the classic ‘Alice In Wonderland’. Many tourist and locals fills the seats every night and you can see from kids to old chaps enjoying the show. The ticket was ok at 680CZK about 27 Euro but I thought it was totally worth it

Due to the very dark theater the character Alice started off in the middle of the air and spun round and round as if falling into wonderland. I knew they had to have some sort of wire to pull it off but the simplicity of camouflage was amazing. You could get away with lots of illusion tricks making the show totally spectacular without much effort.

Dancing butterflies were done using people dressed in black clothing and because of the lack of lights you cant see them but only their hands which was painted with glow in the dark lights. The butterflies would appear out of nowhere and disappear as magically as they came.

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