Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Couchsurfing Event Experience

Average Hostel - Good Company

Charles Bridge

The hostel I choose was not the best one nor was it the worst but nowhere within my comfort zone to stay there for more than a week. Something to complain about however make good conversation in a hostel dorm. I made two new friends there out of all the many people that stayed in the hostel.

*Richie Rich* would be a sarcastic American which thinks he could get away with anything by adding the word ‘I’m Joking’ at the end of the sentence. Dark humor was his thing however I couldn’t help messing with his head whenever I could. A writer for his profession and he would send me links to his articles and ask for my opinion. How I love sweetening the pot before burning it all down. Dark Humor indeed.

Then there was *Denise* a Danish girl who was there for work and stayed in the hostel. Richie love poking Denise around but she was always so polite regardless of how sarcastic he became. My addition to the conversation was backed subtly by Denise in trying to mess with his head.

It was good fun company …

Couch surfing Event in Prague

So Richie created a couch surfing event to play ping pong in a local pub outskirt of town just to get his potential girlfriend out of the house. Talk about motivation in chasing skirts this was a whole new level. Then again it did not cost anything other then internet time and networking.

Richie called me along to join in the fun and I thought why not since I have been curious about couch surfing ever since I started my journey an event was not as scary as asking someone to bunk you. The ride to the place involved bribe to the local police but I’ll save that for another post.

We reached there and almost everyone bailed out of the event last minute. Richie potential girlfriend included. Almost but fortunately one Romanian Girl *Marie* did turn up for the event and we had fun playing ping pong. I now understand how couch surfing events works for people who would like to expend their friends circle by just turning up in random events. Worst case scenario … dun give him your number.

After much ping pong and some table air hockey we all bid farewell with me and Richie headed back to the hostel while Marie went back to her place.

Meeting up random strangers for event … is weird …

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