Saturday, 2 March 2013

Day Trip to Pisa from Firenze

Till now I had not done much day-trips and have steadily move in a straight line visiting which ever place I wanted and staying there minimum one night. Pisa was the first and Florence was like a hub for these excursions. Partly was because the hostel was so cheap barely 12 euro a night and the local train tickets when you have figured out the system was dirt cheap.

It cost me euro 11.80 for a return train ticket from Florence to Pisa on the slowest of slowest train available and it took merely an hour. I was quite please at this rate. Backpacker on a shoestring …. Traveling like a local instead of being slaughtered by daylight robbery tourist price.
Me at The Leaning Tower of Pisa
Third day in Florence, I left Scruffy at the hostel while I did my quiet excursion to Pisa. I did nudge him to tag along and see the famous leaning tower of Pisa but he was feeling the crunch time of money towards the end of his trip and wanted to conserve. Well best part of traveling alone is you could always split up with no hard feelings.

Pisa was a cool town very small and almost dying without any activity. Only thing that seam to keep it alive was the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. It was a hoard of Tourist around the tower but the nice thing about it was the open field which made plenty of space for lazing around.

Many tourists would try to take candid shot of hugging the tower, bracing the tower, holding the tower and which ever camera angle tricks you could think off. One even tried the karate kick …. Thou I am not sure how good the camera man was with the timing. I of coz alone resolve to my typical well trained self shot.

To go up the tower would cost you a whooping ( Check Journal ) and there were time slots and limited people allowed in at one time. I guess to limit the load to prevent further tilting of the tower. Way out of my budget to go up but it was good enough just admiring the place.

The Cathedral nearby which was stunning also charged money to enter to my disgust. I held my ground and only stayed outside not entering.

Shops and trinkets loitered the area around the Leaning Tower of Pisa and that was all there was to Pisa really. One small UNESCO World Heritage. Still cool thou.

I indulged in a gelato ( Ice Cream ) for tea and a Kebab for dinner after lingering a long time and finally headed back to Florence.

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