Sunday, 3 March 2013

Daytrip to Siena from Firenze

Siena City Hall
 Day 5 was spent day tripping to Siena a small town about an hour ride by train from Florence. Again I invited Scruffy to come along but he was quite comfortable doing nothing and happy going for walks taking photos. Bare bone spending was activated in him in the hopes of prolonging his trips to Rome and Barcelona.

I had also extended my stay in the hostel despite my first day in Florence wanting to leave Italy and quickly move on to the next country. Three more nights in Florence as I was enjoying scruffy company and the hostel plus there were always new things to see and day trips were now included into the plan.
Siena was home to the horse racing event in the middle of the city but alas it was not during the period i was there

Small town indeed as you could practically walk everywhere in the town. Countryside was a bit harder to get to unless you have your own transport. The town streets were narrow and some cobbled and buildings were built following the landscape terrain which was brutal. .

It was nice walking from the train station to the town center as it was mostly downhill but every time I decided to go back I would look at the road and decide maybe a detour down the easier looking road just to see what’s there would be nice. I ended up detouring a lot just to avoid walking back and was equally tired.

Siena is a beautiful place though expensive. It was one of the reason why it was a day trip instead of a stopover as there was no cheap hostel there plus food was pricy.

Piazza del Campo - Race Track
Siena Duomo
 I made my way back to Florence and the hostel by evening and was greeted by *Puppy Eyes*. Puppy eyes was a solo female Asian traveler. That was not something you see everyday and I was amazed. I mean I myself barely met only a handful of solo Asian travelers and they were mostly guys like me.

Puppy eyes was from South Korea and was in Europe on a solo trip trying to absorb as much architectural building she could get. Puppy eyes was an architectural student so that was the goal in travel at that point in time for her. Her speech however was surprisingly familiar somewhat like back home and I had to enquire where she picked it up. Small world indeed as she did a semester exchange in Singapore NUS which was my school as well.

Once she knew which part of the world I was from and particularly NUS …. All I could say was ….

The Singlish broke loose ….

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