Monday, 21 January 2013

Athens – A City from a Drunken Fairy Tale

Beautiful City - Wonderful History - Unique in Every Way - BUT BLOODY BAD TIMING 

Exploring Athens was exciting but at the same time difficult. The time I was there was during the euro crisis and news after news of demonstration and strike’s and protest was published all over the world. Greece was first into the huge financial debt pulling the rest down with them.  I flew directly into that shit and witness it first hand and move on as quickly as possible.

As a blur idiot; I was very close to all the protest and demonstration, even ate my picnic lunch watching them at the bus stop for two hours until I realized the bus was not going to come with that crowd blocking the entire road and city. Long walk home.

There was history to this city with all the roman ruins and ancient buildings preserved and restored. There were also mythical stories which precede the histories, blending in with it and if you are not a scholar it was hard to tell which was which. Then there was the people’s which was all so differently GREEK or maybe I just so happen to pass by many old people with interesting face feature and weird slurrrs when speaking.

Graffiti of Child Praying
I was glad in a way taking that extra subject in university. Philosophy 101 it made more sense now. Suddenly I was trying to recall all the painful Socrates reading I did back then. I envy the students here. It was interesting to see batch after batch of students with their teachers heading up to the Acropolis and conducting their class in the grass patch right next to the very place where philosophy and who knows what else once flourish. The teachers got the attention of their students as far as I could tell, way more than mine back in the lecture hall dozing off in a land far far away.

The only downside during my visit at Athens was that the people were not happy. It was difficult times for them and seeing a tourist visiting for a holiday regardless even if they spend money was still not good enough to smile. Still despite the bad air vibe that surrounded Greece at that time I still met many willing helpers which tried their best giving directions. English was a privilege I think over there, and it was difficult to communicate. Best they could do was read your map and point you to the direction you are headed. Still, they were willing.

Things I did in Athens

Acropolis / Museums / Ruins Visits …. The normal touristy stuff and I was going in a pace of a tourist too. First stop was learning the ropes of slow travel .... 

Roman Agora, Acient Agora & Arcropolis

Athens .... White City

Roman Pillars & Acropolis at the Hilltop
Students Visiting the Acropolis Sites Having Lessons

Stroll around town and anywhere my legs brought me.

Visit the Changing of the Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. That was one lucky soldier I guess.

Changing of the Guards

Tomb Of the Unknown Soldier

Visit the demonstration and protest. What could I say …. I had to be a part of that European strike and protest culture …

Demonstration To the Back With Banners & The Riot Police on Standby

Day trip to Piraeus.

Research …. Yep I had to find out how to get to the next place Patras.
Even did a daytrip to Piraeus port by train to check out if there was a boat to Corfu from there. That was my actual target. Patras was just a port where the boats were.


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