Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Corfu Island Part 2

The Family Hostel

Sun Rock Corfu Hostel
 The Sun-Rock Hostel at Pelekas Beach was one of the most unique hostels I have been throughout my travels. It was a hostel that was run by a family. The family lived there eat there and had extended their house to make room for hostel dorms and kitchens and living room.

It was sureel just sitting down at the common room watching sponge-bob in Greek TV with the kids and just chilling. They even had an open bar concept. Walk to the kitchen … take whatever you wanted (beer for me thanks) and write down whatever you taken on the TAB Book. Pay for it when you check out, how cool is that!

The family had four kids but I only saw three of em as one was grown up and away working. The youngest was a little girl of four years old, cute little princess that will bully you to do whatever she wants. I guess many backpackers would have spoilt her from young tender age … imagine all the affection and attention she’ll get. Still I learn most of my Greek Vocab from her … Kun-Ja-Be-La = swing ….

They had a hammock which I lazed there for days and she would bully me out of it and sit in it and ask me to swing her …. Cute little thing …

Dinner Always With a Greek Salad

 This hostel was also amazing in a sense the price you pay ( 17 Euro ) comes with breakfast and dinner. I am not talking about cereal and bread and just simple stuff here. Wake up and there would be a menu waiting. Greek Pancake, Omelets, .... muahahaha ….
Then there was dinner which was sort of like a *surprise* whatever the mother felt like cooking. It was all delicious ….

The Hostel Overlooking Pelekas Beach

Pelekas beach was one of the more isolated beach around Corfu with only one 5 Star Hotel and a Hostel. The beach was mostly empty especially when I was there in October which was supposed to be between seasons going into winter. I took my first swim into the Mediterranean Sea and soak up as much R&R I could get. It was still the beginning of my journey and I was still figuring out the ropes of backpacking.

All Terrain Bike (ATV) around Corfu Island

(No License)

Sunset at Pelekas Beach

Now I have never ridden a bike legally. Still it was the best way to explore a remote island and who could resist and ATV really. Sign the papers took the keys and off I went

Did I tell you Corfu was beautiful? ?
Here is why …

Touring Corfu Island With an ATV

The ATV and a Small Christian Shrine Everywhere Across the Island

Insert Photos
Corfu Town & Castle

Remember my trip from Athens to Patras ?… well after seeing Corfu it was superbly worth it hence I extended my stay to 6 days on the island …

Day 1 – Sleep
Day 2 – R&R / Swim in the Mediterranean sea  
Day 3 – ATV Challenge
Day 4 – Town Visit
Day 5 – R&R
Day 6 – R&R Moving on to Bari

I was starting to sink into the long term travel by then …

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