Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Wiser Plan

The big journey ....
"its a once in a lifetime journey"

Which was what most of my peers and friends and relative and almost anyone I knew told me when they found out of my plans to travel the globe back in 2011. Some told me that i was crazy too. Little did they knew soon after i have landed back in Kuala Lumpur, my hometown, i was already itching for a next trip.

Hence the creation of a blog which i am now wondering if it's such a good idea.

You see back in 2011 when i first started my journey backpacking across the globe alone for six months i had no plans at all. I manage to coerce my boss into giving me a sabbatical ( or so i think ... but story for another time ) and after much planning .... about two months i hopped on a plane and the rest was ... well i made it back.

Now the second trip ... HAH ....thou i am now wiser and shall try to set up a blog and write up some shit and hopefully fish in some $$$ somehow. I thought why not try it (blogging). If it could earn me a couple bucks just by writing a blog / journal / diary / why not try it.

I do have to break some rules i set myself back in 2011 ... that i was not going to try and make money by selling my soul to people by blogging or writing article to papers or magazine and such. Well after the trip ..... I realized some things should be shared ... like a good adventure even if its just on paper or computer.

I'll try to re- write my whole trip for 2011 - 2012 .. yep it was six months of solid travel September 2011 to March 2012 and hopefully inspire people to travel ....

Especially Asians ... .... story for another time

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