Saturday, 26 January 2013

Boat Ride to Corfu Island


I waited patiently at the ferry terminal for midnight to come keeping an eye at that boat. There were not many people at the terminal as I was four hours early. As the departure time creep closer the crowd came in and soon I was outside walking toward the boat with a big grin on my face.

Watching the people as I boarded the boat I couldn’t help but notice the peculiar choice of luggage they were carrying. There were sleeping bags, huge ones, pillows, foldable bed, and foldable beach chair. Oh Well …

So deck class … the cheapest of all … I was told they are basically on the deck with chairs for you to sit. Up and up I went following the signs … it was my first time on a boat this big and the longest trip I would have taken by boat so far.


Boat Ride To Corfu Island


On The Deck

Oh Shit …. I now understood what deck means. It was really on the deck out in the open with some plastic chairs which was for a cafĂ© nearby. I looked around and saw people finding cozy spots all over the deck. On the floor, along the side rails, next to the lifeboats, a corner tucked away from the cold winds. They had sleeping bags, cushion with pillows and blankets, picnic chairs and everything you need to not freeze to death.
One even string up a hammock skillfully and was preparing to doze off to lala land.

F*ck ….

I changed maybe nearly 10 spots or more looking for someplace where I won’t freeze to death, a few times being chased off by the sailor telling me I can’t sleep on the main corridor which was warm and carpeted.

PON … PON POONNNNNNN …. The boat depart for Corfu

Nearly everywhere on the boat deck was cramped with people now half asleep. I creep into the inner Hull of the boat exploring. I found the Business Seating Class where they have seats like in the airplanes and it was empty. No one around … whoops … nope there were two people there sleeping on A COUCH … I settle down onto the corner of that room took off my shoes and slowly and eventually slept on the floor

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