Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Nitty-Gritty Stuff

(Things You Only Do For A Big Trip – Rearranging Your Life)

Unlike short holidays where your life can be on pause before you get back to moaning of how short that trip was and how you wish it was longer; a long trip like a sabbatical requires delicate re structuring of lifestyle before takeoff

My list included


First step was to get storage space to keep anything you think is worth keeping and of coz that includes sorting out all your belongings and I mean ALL YOUR BELONGINGS …
Surprisingly I threw almost everything away. Things I kept were books and notes from my life collection, a guitar, and my desktop computer.
The space I took up was a pathetic 1m2 of a height of 2m


These days everything can be online so if you have some dealings which are not in-tech dump it for a better service. I track down all my banks, bills, loans, taxes, etc and anything that I need and made sure there was an online solution. Online banking, Online Fund Transfer, Online Bill Payment, Online Credit Card Payment, … you get the picture >
Some things still required the traditional black and white paper for record purpose hence I rented a P.O.BOX from the post office and re-direct everything in there so it was like a mail storage.

C: ……. WAIT FOR IT …….. END.

What !!! Yeah without knowing I was already living like a nomad before I even started travel. The room I was renting was easy enough to just say goodbye and stuff I needed like backpack and gears I just shop around. I practically only bought my backpack and made sure I had some Credit Cards and Global ATM Cards.

Oh yeah camera ….  I did buy one gadget which was SONY ERICSSON XPERIA ARC

By the way that’s not a camera … it’s a android smartphone which was required for everything from getting online with free wifi and paying bills while I travel, posting pictures and wat sort on facebook and keeping in touch with family with watsapp and of course taking photos.

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