Monday, 28 January 2013

Corfu Island Part 1

Boat ride from Patras if you read my previous post was …umm … ok. The boat reach the Harbor of Corfu Island at about 530 am in the morning and departing from the boat was me and me alone. Everything was dark and I was the only passenger getting off the boat.

This was Corfu right?? I was started to worry as the only answers I got from sailors was a nod on the head. I hope they understand English and was not nodding me goodbye.

I had not booked any hostel and this was going to be the second place of stay on my trip. Worst case … I had the lonely planet book recommendation of hostel.

I walk down the plank onto the road and into the port wondering …. Straight …. Just walk straight and you will bound to hit something I guess. I came to a fork in the road with the only sign in Greek. Just Great … well there were lights towards the left and darkness towards the right … left it is then. I walked nearly an hour as it was still wee early in the morning and finally came across the town of Corfu. * Phew *

Now the guidebook said of taking a bus to Pelepas Beach which was on the other side of the Island. Bus station wasn’t so hard to find but after waiting for 2 hours at the station I felt something was terribly out of place. I asked around with no luck but finally a taxi driver that was smoking nearby asked me in English where I wanted to go. I told him the place and asked the time the bus will depart and guess what …. NO BUS ON SUNDAY

Curse it. Taxi driver of course offered to fetch me there for a price …. A very expensive price I might add. I refused and walk back waiting for the town to wake up and shops to open.

One Greek Coffee please! It was the booster I need after the crazy journey I was doing from Athens. Plus the shop had free wifi which I needed to find a place to stay. In the end with no hope I had no choice but to use my phone and dial the hostel directly and ask for help. The owner was a nice family and told me to stay where I was and that they will come and pick me. They obviously knew Sunday was no bus day.

Checked into the hostel at Pelepas beach an hour later

Bath and Sleep …. It had been a long journey from Athens which I won't forget.

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